The rest is noise

Jude Kelly

Jude Kelly

Jude Kelly from Southbank Centre talks about The Rest is Noise as being an epic musical journey

Why did the Holocaust change the course of music forever? How did America, through the CIA, become the biggest funder of avant-garde composers?

This year-long festival inspired by Alex Ross’ book The Rest Is Noise, uses film, debate, talks and a vast range of concerts to reveal the fascinating stories behind the century’s wonderful and often controversial music.

The music is set in context by a fascinating team of historians, scientists, philosophers, political theorists and musical experts as well as films, online content and other special programmes.

Over the year, The Rest Is Noise turns the spotlight on 12 parts of the century. In the first half of the festival, from January to June 2013, we move from Richard Strauss and the breakdown of the old world to the influence of Stalin and Hitler on music via the cosmopolitan glamour of inter-war Paris. In autumn 2013 visit the 1960s, Hollywood and Downtown New York and look at artists behind the Iron Curtain.

Through listening to this extraordinary, rich and eclectic repertoire and hearing about the events that shaped its composition, we hope to bring a completely new dimension of understanding and enjoyment to you, the audience.

If you’re new to 20th-century music, then this is your time to start exploring with us as your tour guide. There has never been a festival like this.

Jude Kelly, Artistic Director, Southbank Centre